Talks and presentations

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Riemannian Multifidelity Covariance Estimation from Statistically Coupled Observations

March 01, 2023

Conference Presentation, SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Amsterdam, NL

I gave a talk about our work on Riemannian multifidelity covariance estimation as part of the “Recent Advances in Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification” minisymposium at SIAM CSE23. My thanks to the organizers for the invite!

Multifidelity Covariance Estimation Three Ways

April 14, 2022

Conference Presentation, SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, Atlanta, GA

I gave an overview presentation about my master's work on multifidelity covariance estimation.

Better to Marry Renewables than Burn Fossil Fuels with Passion

August 01, 2018

Conference Presentation, MAA Mathfest, Denver, CO

Arianna Krinos and I were invited to present on our winning submission to the 2018 Mathematical Contest in Modeling. We enjoyed being in Denver and meeting Ben Fusaro, the founder of the MCM.